Rollin down the highway…(BTO)

Sorry to leave this quiet campsite…IMG_7178 (1)

IMG_7180 (3)



Well, except for the Asian lady bugs that kind of invaded the place, and attacked us when we were reading in bed lol

IMG_7181 (3)
Yes, we thought they were just our friendly lady bugs, but these bite…

Today we travelled through Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas. In northern Texas we passed Malta, Detroit, Reno. In the town of Paris, we looked for Les Champs Élysées but they were nowhere to be found ha!

Wherever we stop, we have difficulty conversing with locals, as their southern accent is so pronounced…but then, they cannot always understand us… Who has the accent??

We passed the Mississippi river a few times. Sure is a big one!

IMG_7183 (1)

But how long?   Which is the correct answer?    2 550 miles, 3 348 miles or 1998 miles?

Take a guess before you google it 🙂

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