Gotta Travel On…to Lubbock TX, home of Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly sang Gotta Travel On as the opening song on his final tour in January and February 1959.

He was 22 years old.               untitled

_________________________________________________________________________________________ After some delay on our travels yesterday, we stop in Sherman,TX to experience a rare (and sleepless) Wal Mart overnight stay. Will be even rarer lol

We did avoid driving in a severe thunderstorm… As you see, a frightened Yolande immediately crawls under the table…(She is actually getting the napkins stored in a cupboard lol)

IMG_7186 (1)
From Sherman, you can drive on Hwy 82 all the way to Lubbock, avoiding Dallas’ traffic. You can’t miss a turn though… Luckily, pilot and co-pilot are doing a good job:)

The road is actually better than our Hwy 17, although a bit boring as far as landscape.  Unbelievably, the speed limit is 75 mph. (125 km per hour)

IMG_7190 (1)

Looking forward to visiting the Buddy Holly Centre tomorrow.

Get ready guys. You won at Sequence last night but not tonight!!

If it is any consolation for some of you, it is 0 degrees when we land in Lubbock…

IMG_7196 (1)


Thanks for all the comments. Truly motivating.

Natalie asked the difference between stalactites and stalagmites. (Cavern blog). Both are formed of calcium salts deposited by slowly dripping water ( .0012 inches to .12 inches per year). The stalactites are formed on the ceiling of the cave whereas the stalagmites rise from the floor.

Lucy, thank you for enlightening me. You are right : Wikipedia says that the Mississippi River is 2, 320 mi in length, says 2,340, and google says 2, 348. The truth is, I have none of those choices on the blog 😊



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