American Pie (Don McLean)

‘Long, long time ago
I can still remember how
That music used to make me smile’

Don McLean by singing ‘the day that he died’ in the song American Pie most certainly referred to the tragic death of Buddy Holly.

The Buddy Holly Centre in Lubbock was all we expected.

IMG_7197 (1)IMG_7198 (1)


IMG_7199 (1)

Although Roger and I have visited the Centre before, there is always something missed. Norm and Yolande were moved by the story of Buddy Holly’s short lived career… Entering high school, Buddy already mastered the guitar, the banjo and the mandolin. He toured the U.S.A, England and Australia in 18 months and had many songs in the charts, including a # 1 song, That’ll be the day that I die…

Then, one plane crash and ‘the music died’. We cannot help to wonder what his career would have become had he lived passed the age of 22…

The Centre also features an art gallery with traveling exhibitions. The Celebracion exhibition is comprised of mostly creations of mixed media. Can you believe the flowers are made of vinyl records?

IMG_7201 (1)


Lunch at the Triple J Chophouse & Brew was terrific. Norm and Roger had a beer from the in house brewery, the Raider Red.

IMG_7206 (3)


IMG_7205 (1)

Guess what desert we brought home lol Of course, praline bread pudding 😊

The restaurant’s walls were covered with memorabilia…and very funny signs lol

IMG_7207 (3)
After reading this one,

IMG_7208 (1)

Yolande and I came up with this one…

                          Wanted : Good Man

           Must be able to cook,  fix anything,

                      and give foot massages.

 Cannot be a snorer, a smoker or a hunter

      Must have classic car and motorcycle.

          Please send picture of motorcycle 🙂


After lunch, we visited The American Windmill Museum which incorporates the world’s largest windmill collection,

IMG_7211 (1)IMG_7215 (1)one of the largest grinding mill stones collection, a 3,000 foot mainline track of miniature trains

IMG_7221 (1)and the Reeds collection of miniature houses.

IMG_7216 (1)miniature houses

We saw why it is internationally acclaimed.

There is another main attraction in Lubbock, but we did not have to visit as we already were seeing the little creatures appear everywhere… Can you see and tell what they are? Hint : they are found in the Canadian prairies as well and resemble our ground hogs, although they are much smaller…

prairie dog 2

Yes, there is a Prairie Dog Town in Lubbock 🙂

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