Hey, Mr Spaceman (The Byrds)

Déjà vu…
-the barren landscape of northern Texas

IMG_7242 (1)

-the oils rigs dotting the countryside

IMG_7247 (1)

-our efficient pilot and co-pilot (notice the co-pilot is a bit more focused lol)

Does anyone like to play Find the differences?? Look back at the blog Gotta travel on… and find what Norm was doing on the almost exact picture lol

And then, we arrive in New Mexico.

IMG_7252 (1)

Welcome to Roswell! You cannot go through Roswell without stopping at the UFO MUSEUM.

Resized_20191109_131202_6017 (1)

Lots to read and lots to take in. Of course if you are familiar with the July 1947 flying saucer crash near Roswell and the four little “alien” crew,

Resized_20191109_123722_166 (1)

it just confirms everything… if you are a believer.

Resized_20191109_115645_4656 (2)

We’re not sure why the aliens would pick Roswell to visit… but it wasn’t for the scenery.

Onward ho to Ruidoso. So much more scenic…

When we get to our campsite, we learn of the Christmas Jubilee. So off Yolande and I go to this shopping extravaganza. What beautiful artwork and craftmanship. However, we did remember that we were flying home…

What a great family event. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about??

IMG_7269 (1)

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