Love letters in the sand (Pat Boone)

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IMG_7280 (1)

Visited the largest gypsum dunefield in the world today. It covers an amazing 275 square miles.

Driving towards the Tularosa basin in southern New Mexico from Ruidoso, we can see the dunes from miles away. Not surprising since the astronauts can see these pure white dunes from space…

Rain and snow bring the gypsum from the mountains to the basin. Wind and water brake down the crystals to form the sand. To survive, plants like the Yucca and the Sumac adapt.


IMG_7288 (1)

IMG_7312 (2)

IMG_7286 (1)

So do the animals, becoming lighter to hide and keep cooler.

You think you have snow??

Well they do plow the sand lol

IMG_7302 (1)

Children enjoy sliding down the dunes.

Families make good use of the picnic tables. IMG_7295 (1)

All in all, visiting White Sands Monument is an exciting and unique experience.

IMG_7306 (1)

IMG_7292 (3)

But then, so is spotting a bird running across the road on our way back.

Norm says : What else can it be but a roadrunner? lol And so it was 😊

Resized_20191110_122756_8134 (3)

Obviously, we did not take this picture…

but we did this one 🙂

What grows on this tree?

IMG_7314 (1)

Read on…

IMG_7313 (1)

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