Working at the car wash blues (Jim Croce)

IMG_7324 (1)

After paying for a car wash, Roger is told the car wash is closed…will open some time today but that his receipt is good for 15 days ha! Not great for travellers!Well, luckily, it did open today 🙂

IMG_7325 (1)

Squeaky clean 🙂

New Mexico is a very colourful state. There are apparently 10 different colours of licence plates available…

Then, there is this box on the corner of a street.IMG_7259 (1).jpg

At  first, it appears to be a garbage pale, then possibly a mailbox but in the end, it is just a colourful box lol

Our last night in Ruidoso is quite cool, -7 C. No wonder they close this hilly part of the campsite for the winter. Still no snow however and great scenic area to try to get our 10 000 steps in.

IMG_7270 (1)

IMG_7276 (3)

IMG_7272 (1)

But at the end of the day, whether you are home or travelling, laundry has to be done. Of course, after reading this sign in the laundry room, you do not mind so much…

IMG_7322 (1)

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