I’m Gonna Gallop to Gallup New Mexico (Roy Rogers)

IMG_7326 (1)

You guessed it…Frost on the inside of the windshield this morning…

But the sun is shining. Ready to gallop to Gallup New Mexico lol…

IMG_7329 (2)

(Why not, we dare you to listen to Roy Roger’s song on You tube lol)


The skiing mountain near Ruidoso has an elevation of 12 000ft. We follow the scenic route to Hwy 380 to I 25.

IMG_7337 (3)

IMG_7339 (1)

Who’s crossing?


IMG_7343 (1)

Not a horse, not a biker, not a pedestrian but a …

IMG_7346 (3)

This little guy does not know which direction to take…

State Hwy 380 traverses the Carrizozo Malpais, one of the youngest volcanic features in the state of New Mexico. They are basaltic lava flows, such as are being erupted today in Hawaii.

IMG_7351 (1)


Once in Albuquerque, we jump on I 40. The Interstate follows… Route 66. We try to imagine travelling these miles in a covered wagon, decades ago…

Can you see? Train tracks, Route 66, Interstate 40…


IMG_7378 (1)

Drove by the Continental Divide

IMG_7373 (1)

Then, plans change…

We gallop right past Gallup New Mexico lol

We cross the Arizona border at 2:10 p.m.

Roger and Norm decide to drive ahead to The Meteor Crater campsite. Yolande and I tour the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest.

IMG_7383 (1)

Amazing landscapes…

IMG_7385 (1)IMG_7397 (3)

IMG_7391 (1)

IMG_7400 (3)
Petrified wood


On our way back, we see a dozen white tail deer. We drive to Holbrook and spot the Wigwam Motel with dozens of classic cars… But it is getting dark and we decide not to stop for pictures…

Back at the motorhome, Roger and Norm have done dishes and prepared dinner. What more can we ask for at the end of the day 😊



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