Take It Easy (Eagles)

Off to Meteor Crater. Fifty thousand years ago, a meteor ripped through the skies over the land of Arizona. Travelling at 40,000 miles an hour, it smashed into the surface of the plateau and the resulting explosion opened this crater, almost a mile wide, 3 miles in circumference and 350 ft deep.









It is one of the most extraordinary places on earth, the first proven and best preserved impact site on Earth.


Did you know that in 1970, the Sudbury basin was determined to be formed by a meteorite?


Apparently, we could have gotten a free cookie at the Blasted Bistro but, not after our long awaited special bacon and egg breakfast…ha!


The highlight of the day is of course our trip to downtown Winslow. And yes, here are Norm and Roger “Standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona” beside the statues of Jackson Brown and Glenn Frey.



They found the flatbed Ford, but no girl slowed down to look at them… (YouTube the song lol)


Then by chance, we discover a hidden gem, The Posada hotel. At first we thought it was just a restored hotel, historic building. Well, it is all that but also a vibrant business : a museum, a great restaurant and beautiful grounds. A must if you ever visit Winslow!




We must say we were quite surprised to see that this beautiful Christmas ornament in the gift shop was…


made in CANADA 😊


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