The Happy Song (Pharrell Williams)

From the Buffalo range on 40, we can see Humphreys Peak. At more than 12,000 ft, it is 17 km north of Flagstaff but at times it looks like we are driving right into it…

IMG_7449 (1)
Roger does not want to take route 66 to stop at a Walnut Canyon National Monument. Wonder why? He is only driving a 45 ft rig, pulling a car lol

The drive to Camp Verde on 17 is one of the most different as we see evergreen forests  with Sedona rocks in the background.

IMG_7456 (1)IMG_7463 (1)

Now is the time to sing The Happy Song lol Beautiful sunshine, warm weather, time to relax. We will be staying in Camp Verde for 10 days 😊

IMG_7471 (1)IMG_7470 (1)

Beautiful sunset!

IMG_7486 (1)

Can you believe? Our neighbors in this park only are from :

Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Montana, Arizona, Washington, South Dakota, California, New Hampshire, British Columbia, Florida, Alberta, Michigan, New Mexico, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Québec!

Can you match the state or province with its flag?


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