Ride This Train (John Carpino)

While we wait for Yolande and Norm to return, we prepare tonight’s dinner in the slow cooker and go for a walk lol. We wonder if cacti flower every year…

IMG_7591 (1)

But it is not long before we get to hear all about the ‘Grand Canyon Adventure’.
Of course, they, like everyone else, were in awe of the Grand Canyon.

IMG_0427 (1)

Yolande is excited to show us a usb stick (in the shape of a guitar) that she bought on the train, from John the entertainer. He now calls her his Canadian friend ha!

IMG_0445 (1) He is the author of today’s song 🙂  Type Ride this train, John Carpino video in google for more amazing pictures of the Grand Canyon, even in winter…

CSF 1 Cover 2017 #4 (1)

In Williams, what a treat! It is Christmas time and they see thousands of lights.

Resized_20191117_174928_2822 (1)

Well, biggest tree still needs to be decorated…

Resized_20191119_100730_5938 (1)

Every year, the Polar Bear Express brings children (and parents) to the ‘North Pole’ to meet Santa. All are dressed in pyjamas for the occasion…

Resized_20191119_093522_586 (1)

But you better book ahead…

Bits and pieces of information…
-If you decide to hike the Grand Canyon, be sure to stay hydrated…a rescue helicopter will cost you 6,000$ (and there are no plastic bottles allowed or available for purchase…
-There are no dogs allowed (except service dogs) in the park…Leave your pet at home…

As for the cacti??
Cacti are flowering plants, so every kind of cactus is capable of blooming when it is mature and if there is some rain.

Most cactus bloom in the spring, opening during the day. Some species flower at night and are pollinated by bats or moths 🙂

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