Song of the Grand Canyon (Patty Parker)

Listening to this song brought back a lot of memories for both Roger and I…

IMG_7586 (1)

IMG_7585 (1)
Route 66 crew!




Same year, visiting Hoover Dam.


Now, Norm and Yolande will cherish their memories after seeing one of the seven natural wonders of the world! Do you know how long the Grand Canyon is??

image1 (5)
Great picture Yolande!                       (277 miles)
Resized_20191118_120450_7452 (1)
Norm’s spiritual moment:)

Terrific Weather. Tomorrow, they are forecasting snow at the Grand Canyon…

image1 (7)

image1 (3)
Can you see the mule trails at the bottom?

Oh Oh! We forgot to tell Yolande that the train robbery was not for real…No need to be scared lol

Resized_20191118_160659_6284 (1)

image1 (11)
Train robbery

So everything about the train ride to the Grand Canyon from Williams and back was exciting according to Yolande 🙂

The cowboy jokes were, well…you decide…

1. What do you call cows lying down? (Ground beef)
2. What do you call three-legged cows. (Lean beef)
3. What do you call cows running across the land? (Fast food)

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