It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood (Mr. Rogers)

Today, Norm and Yolande set out on their long awaited adventure…

IMG_7576 (1)

Tomorrow they will board the train to the Grand Canyon.
But first they drive to Williams.

Just a few hours after they arrive, Yolande sends me this picture of her new friend…

Resized_20191117_153003_6789 (1)

Roger and I plan to do laundry (me), knit (me),

IMG_7580 (1)

clean (me), fix things (Roger),

IMG_7578 (1)

pick the next card game (Roger), prepare meals (both), read (both),

IMG_7575 (1)

go biking (both), go walking to appreciate the campsite,

(potentially both)

IMG_7474 (1)

and meet with our neighbours again…

IMG_7574 (1)
Now you know who the socialites are…

blog (me), take care of business (Roger), always people looking to buy a classic.

Maybe we will visit the casino (both) lol but for sure, we will enjoy the sunset (both) 😊

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