Can’t stop the feeling (Michelle Grimm)

There are no words to describe Sedona… Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Sam Elliott, Joe Pisci all would agree with the visitor’s guide that identifies it as ‘the most beautiful place on earth’ as they all own homes here.

IMG_7533 -2


IMG_7538 (1)
All these rock formations have a name… Your guess is as good as ours 🙂

IMG_7556 (1)

IMG_7540 (1)
Do you see the 40 000 000$ mansion with the Snoopy Rock in the background?

IMG_7561 (1)

IMG_7541 (1)

IMG_7550 (1)

IMG_7548 (1)
Lunch at Canyon Breeze. What a treat!

No house  in Sedona can exceed 28 feet in height and all have to be in earth tones.

IMG_7553 (7)

But who was Sedona?

IMG_7565 (1)
Yours to find out…

In Sedona, this juniper has a blueberry type of berry (yes they are blue). With the berries, you make wine. But the bark of the tree is a cure all for… hangovers lol

IMG_7557 (1).jpg

The International Dark-Sky Association has named Sedona to a short prestigious list of cities where you can actually see the stars at night…

So here we are, gazing at the stars…


Just wishful thinking lol.

You will not regret typing Can’t stop the feeling Michell Grimm in google to see the video to our song today 😊

Very worth it!



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