Copperhead Road (Steve Earle)

Yeah sunny day. Off we go to Jerome. But first, we visit the copper museum in Clarksdale.

IMG_7639 (1)
It is housed in the recently restored Clarksdale High school that closed in the early 60’s.

IMG_7643 (1)
‘Starting in towns like Clarkdale, copper leaves, and then blossoms into an amazing story of the world’s most beautiful metal. It is told through a wonderful idea of combining history and stunning artifacts into truly enjoyable exhibits.’

IMG_7657 (1)

And what a wonderful idea! A visitor can admire the creative skill and imagination of mankind through the use of copper from the early civilisations to the present.

IMG_7655 (1)

Now why did we pick the title of the song today? This still (supposedly used to make moonshine) is part of an extensive distillery and winery collection…

Resized_20191122_113128_9719 (1)
All collections are impressive but one is especially moving, the military art collection.

IMG_7647 (1)Imagine a soldier from WWI spending time in a trench transforming these expended shell casings into art to send home as gifts or to share memories…

IMG_7649 (1)

Resized_20191122_104702_9827 (1)

Just a short TRUE or FALSE quiz to lighten things up…

1. Only 2 minerals actually have color, copper and gold.
2. Copper was discovered about 9,000 B.C.
3. The percentage of copper in your red blood cells is over 50%.
4. Dark chocolate is a good source of copper for human life.
5. It takes 250 fifty pounds of ore, 70% of it copper, to blow your trumpet. Zinc is the other ore needed?

Read on to see the answers😊

Jerome is Jerome. Such a one of a kind town… Population 15,000 when the mines opened in the late 1800’s, to a ghost town, to a favorite tourist destination thanks to dedicated business men and women and of course, the artists.
Of course, the road to get to this mountain town is quite memorable.

IMG_7671 (1)

IMG_7681 (1)

Then, the streets! To get from one to the other, you either drive switchbacks or use stairs…

IMG_7684 (1)
The shops contain incredible art and well, the Mile High Restaurant, incredible food, worth the wait, even in Roger’s opinion lol

Now why would a restaurant select such a name, serve mile high burgers and mile high clubs??

Read on to see the answer 😊

A favorite store is Nellie Bly, the world famous kaleidoscope store. Can you see who is in this picture taken through a kaleidoscope?

IMG_7679 (1)
Finally, we return to our motorhome. Again, the view is incredible.

IMG_7694 (1)


Good thing we have a reliable chauffeur ha! ha!

IMG_7691 (1)

image1 (1)


All the affirmations are TRUE


The restaurant is at 5,280 ft., 1 mile in elevation 🙂

IMG_7678 (1)

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