Hitching a Ride (Vanity Fair) I Got You Babe (Cher)

For our last treck to Phoenix, we picked up two hitchhikers (We had vowed not to pick up anymore lol, remember the lady bugs?)

IMG_7700 (1)

The drive from Verde Valley to Phoenix is very scenic

IMG_7703 (1)

but when we get to Sunset Point Rest Area, we are in awe!

IMG_7712 (1)

We are happy to see the paved paths lol.

IMG_7709 (1)

IMG_7705 (1)

But aren’t snakes suppose to be hibernating at this time of the year lol?

Going down the road, we see electronic signs :

Cher the road

I Got You Babe

Then, we learn that Cher is performing in Chandler AZ tonight. Unfortunately, we do not have tickets…

Now, you must vote…

Who chose the best song of the day?

Norm and Roger : Hitching a Ride


Yolande and Denise : I Got You Babe

When we arrive at Desert Shadows in Phoenix, we see more signs lol

IMG_7723 (1)

IMG_7724 (1)

And then…to top the day, Norm’s nachos 🙂 Aren’t we lucky!

IMG_7726 (1)


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