Good Morning Sunshine (Oliver)

The sun is shining, in…Val Caron…after a major snowfall yesterday.

20191130_132518_resized (1)

Thanks for the pictures Mel and Curtis šŸ™‚ It is a winter wonderland. I guess this is a heads up for what we will see in a few days… ha

IMG_0832 (3)

But the wind was high and the snow, heavy… In Skead, trees fell and had to be cleared. On the positive side, instant Xmas tree!

Let’s try this again…

The sun is shining in Phoenix lol

Perfect day to spend at the park…Ā  Papago park is where you can find amazing rock formations.IMG_7939



IMG_7957Because the Desert Botanical Garden is so close, we agree we should take a walk or sit and relax in extraordinary surroundings. How pleasurable for everyone!

image1 (1)


Sculptures are numerous,

Including the special exhibit from Milan : 1000 animal sculptures of recyclable plastic!




Miles of walking trails allow us to discover a myriad of plants.

Chain Link Colla

Somehow, this prickly pear cactus knows you will not touch it šŸ™‚


Do you see the woodpecker at the top of the funny shaped saguaro?

Trivia : Why does the saguaro cactus have ribs?

image1 (3)

Perfect meal ends the perfect day. So off we go to Organ Pipe Pizza. 6 000 pipes…Built in the 1920’s, the Wurlitzer was reconditioned in 1975.


What sound! Great pizza helps of course šŸ˜Š

Trivia question answer :

Ribs allow the cactus to expand or contract in response to the amount of moisture it is storing.



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