Yellow Submarine (The Beatles)

And for our German friends : Arne Alligator ha!

When you visit the Odysea Aquarium in Phoenix, you board a submarine to visit with sea lions, sharks, sea turtles, stingrays etc.

But inside the aquarium, you find Mighty Mike, the 800 lb alligator.


He did not like Roger staring at him ha! ha!


Then there is the walking batfish… quite unique!

walking fish

These otters are among the 8 hand raised as babies. In one year, they ate 200 lbs of…jello 😊


These African penguins like the warm weather. They are being hand fed and given vitamins. But how to know who was fed what?? Keep on reading lol


What a surprise to find a sloth on premise. Did you know they sleep 22 hours a day? Guess what Squidney was doing?? What a life!


Answer : Each penguin wears a loose bracelet on the left wing 🙂

The Toucans were also a surprise.


What colour this live coral!


At the end of the day,

Roger says : Best aquarium ever!
Yolande remarks : Very well designed and displayed; great for families.
Norm comments : It was a “whale” of a show; awesome!

But what are these two discussing lol


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