January 2020

Why a 2020 blog?

Because we now have a hard time remembering what we did yesterday lol

January in Phoenix was quite busy: attend Classic Car Auctions (up to 8 now) and a Home Show, visit antiques shops and a wool shop, drive to Cave Creek and road trip to some favorite places 😊

Sun shining every day, cooler nights, who would not like Phoenix (in the winter lol)
Sunsets are as incredible. 5:40, 5:44, 5:59 respectively.

Classic Car Auctions are like movies; very entertaining.
1. No 2 cars are identical.
2. Each car has an interesting history and owner.
3. Whether you are a consigner, a buyer or a spectator, the adrenaline is high.
4. The auctioneers babble or chant to make sure you think of nothing else while you are there.

It is always mind boggling the amount of people attending, especially the world-famous Barrett Jackson.


As you can see, you are invited to go to their website to learn more. (This picture provided by Barrett Jackson is not a link)   https://www.barrett-jackson.com/ to find out what this 1956 Chevrolet Belair Custom Coupe sold for… Lot # 1111

a2c12651-8edf-4942-87e5-204f5de54cb1[1] (2)

Imagine, all the consigners have to commit to a no reserve sale, a year ahead of time!

Good that every tent is 250 ft long… No problem walking 10 000 steps a day:)

Some beauties! But isn’t beauty in the eyes of the beholder?

IMG_8172 (1)

Barrett Jackson

IMG_8173 (1)

Notice that Roger is carrying a clear plastic bag. For security reasons, they are the only ones allowed this year. Unless you are a registered bidder, they sell for 10$ at the entrance…

Roger added to his collection at the MAG auction. Happy man!


A 62 Olsdmobile and two Chevey pcik-ups, a 65 and a 70.

He also spotted a London taxi…Not quite the same as the one he rode many years ago, but it brought back memories for sure. 😊

London taxi

At the Leak auction,

Leake auction (2)

we were happily surprised to see these.

IMG_8280 (1)

The question is why are these not mandatory at every event?


Did I mention that you can also spend a Saturday at the Pavillion, a shopping mall…

to see more classic cars.  lol

This gentleman from Timmins ON hopes to sell his car privately.

Timmins car guy

I convinced Roger we had to visit the Home show. Great opportunity to see many models of Tiny Homes in one location. Well, I did get to see one. lol But, everyone was as curious as I was it seems.

IMG_8247 (2)

Roger had no problem waiting for me in this sun chair made in Hawaii ha!

IMG_8239 (1)

Then he patiently waited at the Sin City Yarn Shop:)

For the first time as well, we visited Cave Creek, just north of Phoenix. Stores so unique!

The Rare Earth Gallery is paradise (to a rock lover and collector)

Rare Earth Gallery 2
Roger says I should collect lighter objects lol

But my response : hey,  Tom Hanks has a huge collection of …type writers😊


Our road trip brought us to Quartzite.
Love it! Small acquisition. Weighs less than 5 pounds😊

In Parker, we just happen across an off-road race, the Parker 425. So many strange looking cars? vehicles? buggies?

IMG_8337 (1)

Google it to get the feel 😊

But then, in Arizona, they have the desert trails like we have skidoo trails…And many RVers ‘dry dock’ in the desert all winter!


Lake Havasu City is famous for its London Bridge. In 1967, an  entrepreneur had the idea of buying the crumbling bridge from England to reconstruct it brick by brick in Arizona. Today, Lake Havasu is a major tourist attraction and Mr McCulloch made a lot of money on his unusual investment!


Then, Oh! Oh! We thought the last time we would see a similar sign would be when we were on Route 66…

IMG_8397 (2)

We unhitched and turned around…along with another RV!

Laughlin is always a treat because of the board walk, an enjoyable way to get 10 000 and more steps in a day.

Mr Laughlin sure knew how to promote his business! Just like Sam from Walmart…
Although we stayed at a campsite across the road, many motorhomes choose…the parking lot…

motorhomes at Riverside in Laughlin
At 86, Mr Laughlin still has a daily chat with his employees. His car collection at the Riverside Casino is impressive.

From Laughlin, we head to Vegas. The highlight of our stay? Attending the Terry Fator show.  As a comedian and a ventriloquist, he is a great entertainer!



A big plus is that we were winners lol We came out of Vegas with the same amount of money we had when we arrived…





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