February # 1

Have you ever looked at a photo you took some while back and wondered why this snapshot? Luckily, when I came upon this one (taken only a month agošŸ˜Š) I rememberedā€¦

IMG_8309 (1)

In Phoenix, we could see this pineapple tree just out our window. So often, there was a bird perched in it and it was fascinating to watch. But try to find the birdā€¦I will help you lol. Can you see the feet and the beak?

IMG_8309 (1)

The most awesome however, were the hummingbirds, but they never stayed long enough…

From Vegas Nevada, you head north to 40 towards Flagstaff, Arizona. But first you drive to Lake Mead

Lake Mead

hoover damand Hoover Dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. A new bypass opened in 2010.

We remember Mel, Curtis and Dan flying over the construction site and taking pictures from a helicopterā€¦

Towards Flagstaff (2)
Mount Humphrey, at an elevation of 11 000 ft in Flagstaff is visible from hours away.
Years ago, 18 miles of cross country ski trails would have been alluring, but today, we are headed south on 17 to Campe Verde, warmer country, a quiet campsite away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.
Rogerā€™s brother Ryan will be joining us šŸ˜Š

We decide to meet him in Phoenix for a night. As we are leaving, a message on our jeep says: Your car will not start in 240 km because of wrong DEF fuel. Visit a dealerā€¦
So, a dealer we visit. Actually, this dealer has FordĀ  Hyundai, BMW, Mazda, Volkswagen dealerships in Phoenix…


They will not be able to look at the car until Monday. No choice but to drive back to Campe Verde in… a rented car. But all is well, and the company is good šŸ˜Š

IMG_8505 (2)

Today is Sundayā€¦stay tuned!

Good night everyone!


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