February # 2

A picture taken in November, reminded me that, it is always best to bring local when you are travelling. This year, we forgot our delicious, strong garlic 😦 The one we are buying either comes from Florida or Mexico!!! We also forgot our raw honey. So I picked up this jar without reading the label… Lesson learned! Can someone explain why there would be 14% added sugar to honey…


We do find Uncle Luke’s maple syrup from Granby Quebec lol


Today, Monday the 9th, we visit the copper museum in Clarkdale for the, yes 2nd time. We are informed that 60 new items have been added since our last visit. But seriously, there are so many artifacts that you could visit 10 times and still not have noticed everything…
Ryan is especially impressed by this table built for the ‘kitchenware collection’. The curator explains how it was built on premise.


Then, hard not to be moved by the trench art room.



Roger and Ryan are fascinated by this still used to make cognac.


Guess how many tons of ore it takes to be able to blow a horn?

brass classic classical music close up
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Wednesday, our car is finally ready. We drive back to Phoenix. Not that we mind the scenery… Snow on the mountains today…

IMG_8541The car is ready but no one seems to know what the problem was. At least we are good to go.

We also visit a store in Glendale at Ryan’s request. I think he is hooked lol But look at this place.

Natural Expressions Inc


We get to talk to the owner who is cutting the rocks to find…treasures. Amazing!

Then who would not revisit this store with the most unique rocks and art. Worth checking their website as well : Rare Earth Gallery.




Tomorrow, friends from Espanola, Linda and Slim Hopkins, will be joining us for a few days.  We can never seem to get together when in Ontario but finally will get to visit…in Arizona lol 😊

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