February 4

Travelling by motorhome, in our opinion, is the best… no luggage to carry, your own bed every night and the capability of preparing your own meals 😊 Of course, you need be able to drive it. Then, you have to be somewhat of a problem solver because there will be some, guaranteed. You do have to make your bed in the morning, wash your clothes, clean and prepare meals. And sometimes, you have to deal with neighbours, mostly the furry ones. This year especially, we have noticed a high percentage of travellers bringing cats but mostly dogs. Two dogs in a motorhome seems to be the norm and three is not unseen… Fortunately, at Camp Verde, most are trained and well mannered. We have not heard this neighbour bark once. This morning he seemed to be saying: Please bring me with you?

The neighbour
We are headed to Sedona, the top attraction in Arizona after the Grand Canyon.


The sandstone rocks are a photographer’s paradise.



And since Ryan is with us, we have extraordinary pictures. 😊
Many previous blogs have described Sedona, so pictures only in this one.




Soup in the crock pot is waiting for us in the motorhome for dinner. We have to admit we indulged at lunchtime…

Sunset at Campe Verde     Photo by Ryan


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