Incredible scenery!

Three days later, we drive back north to I 40 to get to our final destination, Nevada. In one day, we have never driven through so many different landscapes.

Starting from Flagstaff, through forests,

To this…

Just in case you need a runaway ramp after going down for 16 miles! And still going down!

Burros? We must be close to Oatman… They actually sleep on the road there ha!

And we arrive in Fort Mojave on the East side of the Colorado River. Technically we are still in AZ but if we cross the river, we are in Nevada. This really confuses our i-phones and our computers. Our two phones show different times ha!

Winds are still blowing. However, we are lucky enough to be able to golf one day. For us who golf only occasionally, what makes the day so special is if you are able to chip the ball, from a sand trap so close to the flag…and of course, the fact that you are in nature and never know what you will come across:)

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