Tumbleweed, love them or hate them…

Our thoughts were to stay in Holbrook and revisit Winslow Az but again, minus temperatures and winds of 50 mi per hour changed our mind and we headed south to Camp Verde. On I 40, we had our first encounter with …Tumbleweed. Well, we know that they have thorns sharp enough to pop bike tires. But we were in a motorhome, right? No worries… when one hit the motorhome however, it bent the front grill. It could have been worse. Tumbleweed can actually damage the engine if it gets caught up in the undercarriage… But it looks so innocent…

This picture was taken driving at 65 miles an hour from inside of the motorhome!

For more information on tumbleweed…


tumbleweed, plant that breaks away from its roots and is driven about by the wind as a light rolling mass, scattering seeds as it goes.


 “Russian thistle” and “wind witch” are common names for this symbol of the American west. Russian thistle alludes to its Eurasian origin.

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